Have you met our Magic Selfie Mirror?

Image shows - party guests posing in front of the Magic Selfie Mirror

Interactive Selfie Mirror

Your event photos – your way!

Choose your poses. Choose your photos. Smile! And, if you don’t like the what you see…then, start again! It’s all part of the fun. And, it’s all included in the price.

Easy for everyone to use

It’s child’s play!

The interactive touch-screen technology in our Magic Selfie Mirror is so easy to use that even our youngest guests can create memorable images.

When you hire a Magic Selfie Mirror from Imagination Event Hire, you also get us. Our expertise and our sense of fun. We do this because we like to see your smiles.

We make sure that you don’t have to worry about setting up the Magic Selfie Mirror. And, we are there for every photo moment… to make sure you can capture the best memories.

Image shows - a young guest personalising their prints with the Magic Selfie Mirror
Image shows - party guests selecting their images in front of the Magic Selfie Mirror

Do you want a stylish event?

Gorgeous Gilt Frame Mirror

Some Magic Selfie Mirrors (we are not mentioning any names!) look a bit… well, a bit naff.

When you have spent months (years?) making your event look amazing, you want all of the entertainment to look just as good.

Which is why our Magic Selfie Mirror, with gilt gold frame, is the best choice.

When it is not being used, the blank screen is like a mirror and the Baroque-style gold frame is a stylish addition to your event decor.

Smiles… and, more smiles!

What do you get when you hire with us?

When you are organising an event, whether it’s your own wedding or a corporate gathering, you need to make sure everything will work like clockwork.

You need to know that everyone you have booked will provide the amazing experience they have promised.

We will.

How do you know?

Because this is what we do. We provide experiences to make our customers smile. We are only as good as our last customer review.

Image shows - party guests posing in front of the Magic Selfie Mirror

What do I need to know when I hire the Magic Selfie Mirror?

We want to make this as easy as possible.

But, there are a few wee details to sort out when we arrange to bring our Magic Selfie Mirror to your event.

We do try to keep them to a minimum.

  • We can only confirm a booking when full payment has been received.
  • If your venue requires us to complete a health and safety form, please send us the information as soon as possible.
  • Our Magic Selfie Mirror prints look best when there is at least 2m x 2m space around the mirror.
  • Please remember that the backdrop will be part of your prints, so if we can face an interesting wall (there is such a thing, honest!) or the rest of your event, then your prints will look even better.

Can we help?

Do you have a special request for an event? Do you have questions that we have not answered on our website?

Is there anything we can do to help with your Magic Selfie Mirror choice? Then PLEASE get in touch.

We are friendly. The guy that created our company is a Kiwi and they are known to be super lovely people. The rest of us are quite nice too.

If we can help, we will.

“We had the Magic Selfie Mirror at our New Year’s Eve party this year. It was so much fun! I love the fact you get a full-length photo, not just a photobooth-style headshot. We customised the print template with details of our party and then you can add doodles and messages to each photo before printing. The photo quality was amazing and everyone got to take home a print. People are still talking about it!”

Lucy Patel, Arundel, West Sussex.